dnwq (dnwq) wrote,


I have taken to wearing a shirt and semicasual slacks on a daily basis.

Actually this wasn't deliberate; rather my previous sets of cargo pants had worn out and so I switched to whatever pants I had left, and t-shirts look strange with slacks, so I switched to shirts too. Cue a few months of this and now going out without a shirt pocket is nigh annoying. Apparently shirt accessories are habit-forming.

Curiously - or shall I say, unsurprisingly but unanticipatedly - going out in a shirt makes random passers-by treat me differently; at the least I get fewer suspicious eyebrows if I trot around Bukit Timah at two a.m. In an unrelated context, I do not think nearly braining a little old lady with a water-bottle (accident, I swear) would have been so well-received if I were dressed differently.

It seems vaguely disappointing but, well, I don't know. I am disinclined to think about this too hard.
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